Technical Recruiting should be more Technical.

Validate Web Developer skills with actual code.

Developers design, test, build & push real code based on real requirements.

  • For Developers

  • Don't just tell us, show us what you can do.
  • Utilize the tools you're familiar with to get the job done.
  • Deal with Recruiters only after your skills have been assessed.
  • Swim through the interview process without having to explain your skills.
  • All submissions are Reviewed by Developers. Just like you.
  • For Recruiters

  • Focus on pleasing your Clients, not vetting Developers all day.
  • Save time, money & resources when scouting for the skilled.
  • Represent Developers that have already been Certified as capable.
  • See who has already been represented for Clients, don't waste a phone call.
  • Work with human beings who are domain experts in their field.

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